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Some of Our Above and Beyond Care Team Members
Becky McDuff, CNA
Becky is always bright, shining and ready to work. She is one of ten children, so Becky fits in easily and manages stress well. Becky immediately puts you at ease with her warm, winning can-do attitude! She is married with three children. Becky delights in spending her off time with them having adventures by the sea or in the kitchen. Becky has years of experience as a CNA with plans of continuing her education when her family is a little older.
Kalina Provost, CNA, CNA-M
Kalina is devoted, dependable, hardworking, and caring, with a great sense of humor. She is straight forward, observant, with years of experience as a CNA, and also holds a medication technician certification. Because of Kalina's creatively artistic ability to design intricate murals, patients become hands on involved with these projects. Kalina loves hiking, particularly in our local preserves. She photographs the horseshoe crabs there when they come ashore seasonally.
Martha Clayter, CNA
Martha is intelligent, quick- witted, intuitive and loyal. She is a CNA and has experience in various settings with that certification. She has also worked as a respiratory technician and an assistant in physical therapy. Martha is capable and willing of handling any task and doing so with attentive, dedicated patience. She is an avid reader of historical fiction, plays guitar, loves flower gardening, knitting and being on the water.